Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raw Diet - Day 4

Can you believe I'm still going? 
To be honest the hardest part is all the prep. I'm running out of time in my day - tired of spending my whole day in the kitchen! But I seriously am scared to stop! I really do feel great! And have gone these 4 days without experiencing my afternoon slump and fatigue! I really have SO much more energy! I'm scared to stop this. But in all reality, it's so hard to keep up. I will probably go at least one more day, cause I have a few more recipes to share. :-) 
But I definitely want to incorporate a lot more Raw in my life!

Breakfast: Vanilla Peach Smoothie 
2 C Kale
1 C Frozen Peach 
Small Handful of frozen Cherries
1/2 C Almond Milk (or any milk)
2 Dates (for sweetness)
Optional: 1 Tbls Spirulina

Mid Morning Snack: Apple Raisin Cookies

Recipe adapted from
1 C Oats
1 C Oat Flour (Oats ground in Blender)
1 C Almond Flour (ground in blender)
1 C Apple Puree (3 apples pureed in processor)
1/2 C Coconut Oil
1/4 C Raw Honey
1 T Cinnamon
1 C Raisins

Roll in balls and place on dehydrator for 5-7 hours.

Lunch: Salad
- Once again, didn't have a ton of time. Just threw some veggies together and topped with a little Annie's lite Ginger dress (not raw - but AMAZING!).
-One Banana and Almond Butter for dessert

Snack: Kale Corn Chips w/ Guac
picture from

These weren't as amazing as expected. 
The kale just overpowered it for me. But they tasted great with the guac! 
You can find the recipe HERE

Dinner: Falafel's (raw)

Made with sprouted Garbanzo Beans (chickpeas). I was excited to try these, because for one, I LOVE falafel's  (You can see the ones I actually 'cooked' (haha) HERE), but sprouting is a HUGE health benefit! When you sprout beans or seeds the vitamins, minerals, and Protein increase, while the carbs and calories decrease! NO JOKE! Crazy huh? 
I did slightly taste that 'sprouted' taste, but only every few bites. haha 

I actually really liked them though! My fam tucked them in a pita with Tahini, cucumber, red onion, pickles, sprouts, and fresh mozzarella - my family LOVED it!
I just ate them on a salad with Annie's Green Goddess Dressing 
(the best dressing in the entire world! - again, not raw, but oh well  - you can find it in my sidebar:))

You can find the recipe HERE
I just added an extra Tbl of Soy Sauce and Extra tsp Cumin and some salt.

Dessert: Dairy and Sugar Free Chocolate Macadamia Ice-cream

SO GOOD it deserves its own post! Stay Tuned! :)
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  1. If you read Green Smoothie Girl's 12 Steps to Whole Foods she talks about how hard it is to eat all raw though it is so beneficial. She says eating 60 to 80 percent raw at every meal will still provide vibrant health. That's what I've been working on! Thanks for some awesome recipes!



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