Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Picnic

Your kids will LOVE this! 
Let them 'hunt' for their lunch! 

The ideas are endless!

1) Carrot sticks and Hummus (at the bottom)
2) Rice Crackers
3) Tortilla Roll Up - 
(whole wheat tortilla spread with laughing cow cheese wedge, 
smooshed avocado, and all natural turkey. Roll and Slice)
(or whole wheat tortilla, spread with Peanut butter,
and roll up around a banana and slice)
4) Cucumber sticks with annie's ranch dressing (in the bottom)
5) Banana chips and a small treat :)
6) another tortilla wrap.

More Ideas: Raisins, trail mix, grapes, berries, small cubed cheese, pretzel balls, Roasted Edamame, Fresh peas, melon balls, dark chocolate chips, small apple slices, etc. 
Any other ideas?


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