Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This time of year I get anxiety! It's so hard to keep away from that sweet poison! 
Really - I have always said a little bit is ok, but it's hard to keep telling yourself that. 
The more I eat the more I want!! 

People ask me what sweeteners I use. I have read A LOT on this topic.
I try to use fruits, ie. bananas, dates, and apples to sweeten.

I also use RAW local Honey (check your farmers markets), blackstrap mollasses, Date sugar (or just dried dates), coconut palm sugar, and 
sometimes stevia and/or maple syrup.

Here are some AMAZING articles of why I have come to this conclusion. 
(because of these articles I no longer us Agave Nectar - which people love, but I was convinced)

Is sugar Toxic? - Wow I was amazed at this information! 
Watch the video of the amazing lecture to learn more. 

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I, too, used the sweeteners you listed. But I've heard something interesting. I need to look it up for sure if it's true, but no humans used anything except honey (or fruit, of course), before the 17th century. Isn't that interesting? So we only use raw local honey and fruit.

  2. THat is so interesting!! It all goes back to our roots! :)



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