Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's That??

So I get a lot of questions about some of the weird ingredients I use. It does take some getting used to and learning, but I promise it's all worth it! So I thought I would just take some posts to teach about some awesome things to eat!

note: they do come in many colors! The brown ones should be easy to find at any grocer!

"The Vegetarians Protein" - don't think you shouldn't eat these because you're not a vegetarian. They are a GREAT thing to add to your diet. And easy, easy to cook!

5 facts about Lentils:
1 - Heart Health- 1 Cup contains 16 g fiber (Which can help reduce heart disease by lowering your cholesterol)!! They also contain a lot of folate and many minerals.
2 - Stabilize the Blood Sugar - The high soluble fiber slows the entry of the sugar into the bloodstream. Keeps you fuller longer!
3- Full of Iron! One cup is 37% of Daily Value of Iron.
4-  Great source of B vitamins - which help the nervous, immune, and digestive system.
5- Protein Packed! - 1 cup contains 18 g protein! 3rd highest level of protein than any other plant food.

So go Enjoy LENTILS!! 
Look Below for a GREAT recipe - and stay tuned for Lentil Lettuce Wraps!
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