Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year...New You - Easy Steps

So I have been out with the flu for the first part of the year. Yuck! 
I NEVER get sick and HATE It when I am. 
But I wanted to re-post some info on how to START a healthier year, with some easy steps.


I get A LOT of questions of how to start eating healthy. How to switch your lifestyle and incorporate better habits. Of course there are many levels of healthy eating, simple to extreme. I have become more and more extreme over the years (according to the hubby!). 
But there's always a place to start, and things to do, if you don't want it to take over your life. :)

1) Extremely limit or throw White Flour. Besides acting the lack of fiber and acting like sugar in your body, it's extremely processed and has no health benefits!  (besides bulking up the thighs) :) and making you want more and more. Replace white Flour with White Whole Wheat flour (king arthur), or even better, try bean flours, oat flour, or spelt flour is my favorite right now. You can usually replace a 1:1 ratio. Sometimes I lessen the sugars to make sure I don't over sweeten it.

2) Replace the Sugar with natural Sugar Alternatives or sweet fruit. I use Raw Honey and prefer Date Honey or Date Sugar. I have to admit -this is hard! It takes a while to really get your body used to being off and not craving this stuff. Check out my treat section for more options.

3) Add more whole grains. Try replacing white pasta with whole grain pasta. Barilla is a great option. For even better options, (which can be pricey), try spelt noodles, buckwheat noodles (for stir frys or soup), quinoa noodles. Use brown rice or quinoa, instead of white rice.

4) LIMIT or eliminate PROCESSED FOODSODA (that is my number one things everyone should be off!), Crackers, granola bars, chips, fruit snacks, boxed meals, even meat! etc. Just eliminating these things alone will make you healthier.

5) Try limiting your dairy. By adding Green Smoothies and more veggies to your diet, you DO NOT have to worry about loss of calcium! Dairy is hard on your stomach and really not that great for you! I drink almond milk and eat greek yogurt (sometimes) and kefir. Sometimes I have feta cheese. You decide the right amount for you.

6) Try cutting out oils and eating more nuts, nut butters, avocado's. And LITTLE amounts of Coconut Oil.

7) If you aim for a pound of raw vegetables (green smoothies count) and a pound of cooked vegetables in a day - you will be off to a great start and healthier lifestyle! Make a big batch of soups for lunch and try to add a salad to dinner every night.

For ideas of how to get started check out my Recipes.
I follow a guideline of always trying to eat healthy inside of my home,
when we go out, I make the best choice I can make, but don't stress about it. Have fun!

I love the book Eat To Live - great suggestions!!

Please ask if you have questions! :)

There is a print button on each post for your convenience. :)
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