Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Treats

Oh man  - keep that dove chocolate away, cause it will be devoured fast if it comes in my view! 
I have to be prepared with some new, fun ideas! So I thought I would share. 

Coconut Date Butter
This really was SO good!

1 C Dates:
(Soaked for about 1 hour or just simmered in water over small pot for about 20 minutes)
1 Bag of Unsweetened Coconut

THATS IT!!! Can you believe it??

Throw the bag of coconut into your vita-mix or food processor. And GO TO TOWN. You may have to scrape sides every once and while, but it should start to form a pureed coconut butter. (sometimes this doesn't work - it may take a little patience) If it doesn't totally puree - thats ok! 
Add in the dates and a little of the water ( I just see if it needs more  - depending on your desired consistency) And blend until combined. Spread on toast, dip fruit in it, sweeten baked breads, on pancakes - whatever you can think of! YUM!

Raw Almond Joy Candy Bars!
Yum - these are seriously amazing and REALLY taste like an Almond Joy!!!
Who knew a candy bar could be good for you???

This is the coconut before being dipped in chocolate. 
(I freezed in between stages)

CLick HERE for the recipe. 
note: If you can't find coconut butter, just use coconut oil. You can also sub Honey for Agave.
 (or make your own coconut butter in blender like I described above)

Or some Simply Sweet No Bake Cookies 
Easy to make and fun to package up!!
Seriously - I was in love with both of these!! Will be making these quite often!

Hopefully you can click on the picture to enlarge and print? 
Let me know if you want me to email this to you!

The second recipe was from chocolatecoveredkatie!

no sugar, no dairy added - 
Chocolate Cherry Ice cream! 

2 VERY RIPE Bananas - cut into chunks and frozen
3/4 C Frozen Cherries
2 Tbl Dried Cherries
1/4 C Cocoa Powder
1/4-1/2 C Almond Milk
Cacoa Nibs or Mini Chocolate chips
Feel free to add some fresh cherries in at the end as garnish. 

Place Bananas in Food processor. Pulse until they begin to melt and combine. (like in this post). Once they are mostly combined add cocoa powder and frozen cherries and continue to pulse for about 30 seconds. Add dried cherries and turn machine on until they are chopped pretty small. While machine is running add milk just small bits at a time until you reach desired consistency. Add in nibs or chips and pulse once or twice just to combine. 
ENJOY immediately!!

Top with coconut or nuts if desired. :)

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