Saturday, January 7, 2012


Here is what I am planning on this week. I'll add pictures to this as I make them.
This week is the hardest. Try to stay away from carbs. If you have to have carbs eat a brown rice cake with all natural peanut butter and some bananas as a snack or add a small bowl of brown rice to your dinner.


1)Grapefruit/Carrot Juice
2 Peeled and Chopped Grapefruits, 5 Peeled and Chopped Carrots, 1 inch of fresh ginger
- put through juicer or follow my blender juicing instructions HERE
2)Beet and Apple Juice

1 beet chopped, 5 carrots chopped, 1 apple chopped, 1/4 C Fresh mint
-put through juicer or follow my blender juicing instructions HERE
3)Cucumber Honeydew Smoothie, HERE
4) Or my Cleansing Smoothie, HERE


1) Butternut Squash Soup, HERE
2) Detox Salad, HERE
3) Sweet Potato and Carrot Salad, HERE
4) You can do any salad you like! Chop tons of veggies and add a drizzle of red wine vinegar, pomegranate vinegar, or balsamic vinegar.


1) Steamed Broccoli and Squash, HERE
2) Hot Skillet Salad, HERE
3) Roasted Beet Soup, HERE
3) Roasted Ratatouille, HERE - just serve over tofu shiritake noodles (in any health food store -fridge section) Or over Zucchini noodles (you can use a spiralizer (LOVE) or just cut into thin long pieces)

I usually allow a couple small snacks a day. Don't over do them. Maybe make a rule to only have one snack between lunch and dinner and that's it, or it will be easy to overload.

1) RAW trail mix - mix almonds, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and unsweetened cranberries. 1 small handful is a serving
2) 1/2 Banana with 1 tbs all natural peanut/almond butter
3) Edemame!!!!! (I buy it from costco)
4) KALE CHIPS!!! THese are my new FAVORITE SNACK!!
5) Poached apple with walnuts, HERE
6) Vegetables and fruits are UNLIMITED!!! Just opt for choosing veggies over fruits :)
7) Herbal Tea is always a great snack.
8) If you are absolutely DYING for a sweet treat - try these cookies.


You may feel weird or even sick for a few days, this is normal - your body is cleansing!

Make sure you STICK TO THE RULES!
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  1. I love your blog and your ideas. Something you may be interested in as you do this cleanse, is the Chia Seed. I don't know how much you know about it but I have been using it for a few months and love it. It's a complete protein, loaded with fiber and Omega 3's and it's tasteless. You can even gel it to use in baked goods instead of butter/oils. Thanks for all your recipes and info:)

  2. Thanks Dena! I love chia seed, but haven't used it in awhile. I sorta forgot about - used to put it into green smoothies. I have also used it to replace eggs, but haven't tried replacing fat with it! Good idea- so going to try that!! THX!



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