Monday, November 21, 2011

Trapped Indoors - Health'ier' Edible Play-dough!

The winter has begun. I am busy making fall soups and figuring out ways to keep the kids occupied and keep away from germs! (immunity juice coming soon :))

 The kids love playdough and I have been excited to try 
Edible PlayDough 

Most recipes call for a cup or two of straight powdered sugar and peanut butter. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that's amazing! But I know my kids won't hold back and don't need a cup of powdered sugar in there system! So here's to a health'ier' option. It was actually VERY SWEET for my liking.
  I will half the honey next time.

1 C Oat Flour (oats ground in blender)
1 C Dry Milk Powder
1/3 or less of Honey
1 tbl wheat germ
1 C Creamy All natural Peanut Butter

Blend with an electric mixer, unless you are brave and have time. :) Shape into desired shapes and enjoy a few bites!

I put little bowls of sunflower seeds and raisin to help decorate :)
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