Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Back!

So I just went on an amazing trip to Israel. The experience was phenomenal! I LOVED the food! I learned so much about how the Israeli's cook and eat. The biggest thing I learned is how fresh everything was. EVERY meal came with manysmall salads. And fruit was served for dessert. (although the bad stuff could still be found in the bakeries - oh it was evil, but so amazing at the same time! :) )

Most of them eat Kosher, so they rarely combine meat and diary. This makes many mealshigh in fruits and veggies - which I love! They eat many beans and legumes to get the protein they otherwise wouldn't have.

It was rare to find processed crap (sorry for the language :)) anywhere. No granola bars, crackers, or energy bars, just plain goodness. The markets were fully stocked with assorted nuts and dried fruits. I am becoming a big believer of just fresh eating.
It gave me a lot of inspiration to try to minimize processed anything in my diet.
So here is a slide show of my amazing food experience!
And stay tuned for some yummy, Israeli inspired Healthy Attempts! :)

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  1. So cool!! I love Hummus! Thanks for posting the cashew chicken! So yummy!



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