Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet Dot's

Okay - just made that name up. :) They were called doughnut holes, but anyone who think that's what they are getting will NOT be happy! BUT - they were really good - all things considered! A totally RAW treat, that keeps in the fridge for one week.
No extra fat or sugar (gotta love that!) They tasted a lot like the granola bars.
Perfect for a little snack, or even FHE?? I changed it up and dipped some in some sprinkles, the three year old loved that!
He totally ate a ton, so that's a good sign. :)

1 3/4 C Almonds
1/2 tsp Sea Salt
1 Vanilla Bean, Scraped (I didn't have this, I just put in 1 tsp of vanilla extract)
2 C Dried Pineapple, Chopped
2 C Pitted Dates
1/3 C plus 1/4 C Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

I find most of these ingredients in the Bulk Section of my grocery store. (thats where I buy my dates, although I did see them at costco - AWESOME) You can also find all of these at any health food store.

Place Almonds and Salt in food processor. Process into a fine powder. Then add Vanilla. Slowly add chopped pineapple and dates. You might have to pulse it to get them all combined. Mix VERY well. Transfer to large bowl and mix in 1/3 C Coconut. I just wet my hands and blend with hands - its a lot easier. Use a cookie scoop to form into balls and roll into coconut, sprinkles, nuts, whatever you like! Enjoy!

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